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Be a Prayer Partner

Be a Prayer Partner

Be a Prayer Partner


 All Kairos activities are covered with prayer. You can be a part of that prayer effort.  It is important that your prayer is documented since the inmates are shown a visual representation of all those praying for their Kairos weekend.  You can’t imagine the impact it has knowing the community of faith is praying for them.  

Sign up today on our Prayer Chain form!   

Be a Team Member

Be a Prayer Partner

Be a Prayer Partner


  Kairos volunteers come from all walks and strata of life. They all share a desire to follow Christ's admonition of Matthew 25:36, "I was in prison and you visited me." 

If you feel God's call to minister to the incarcerated the female family member of someone incarcerated, as a part of a Kairos team, fill out our Team Application form! 

Make Placemats

Be a Prayer Partner

Make Placemats


At each meal, placemats made by children are used. These handmade placemats are powerful tools of the Holy Spirit that can break open a lifetime of sorrow and let the love of Christ in.


This is a great activity for Sunday school,     preschool, children and grand children!


Placemat Guidelines

- Decorated by children

-Simple message of God’s love

-Include child’s first name only and age

-Must be 11” x 17” – placemat size

Make Posters

Be a Ministry Financial Donor

Make Placemats



Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, reunion groups, youth groups, and even families can make a poster that expresses the hope found in Christ.

These messages of 

love from the Body of

Christ have a powerful 

impact on hardened 


Poster Guidelines

- What is on the poster is not so

important. It can be a simple trace of

hands or a beautiful work of art.

- It should have the name of the group

- It should have the group’s signatures

(if kids, first name only and age)

- No stickers or glue.

Attend a Closing Ceremony

Be a Ministry Financial Donor

Be a Ministry Financial Donor



Jesus commands us to visit Him in prison in Matthew:25. If you have never been inside a prison, you will never have a better opportunity than the closing ceremony. Your enthusiastic singing with the team and participants and your affirming applause as participants share the meaning of their experience will make the ceremony joyful. You will be safer in prison than you will be driving home, and you will drive home with a big smile on your face!

If you think you would like to attend our next Closing Ceremony, fill out our Closing Application form!

Be a Ministry Financial Donor

Be a Ministry Financial Donor

Be a Ministry Financial Donor



Add a gift of money so we can continue serving. All Kairos activities are funded by donations. If you would like to support this ministry by your donation, make your check payable (any amount is appreciated!) to Kairos Prison Ministry International and send it to our Treasurer at:  

Kairos @ Avery-Mitchell,  PO Box 91  Spruce Pine, NC 28777 

If you would like to donate to this ministry, go to our Donation Page!